Prevent the Spread of Infection with Sanitary Seat Covers

It doesn’t matter if you have only a few people, like your office staff, using a toilet, or if you have customers who are in and out, it is important that you provide a bathroom that is clean. One way to do this is to offer sanitary seat covers to those who use your bathroom. When you offer sanitary seat covers…there are different kinds…you will be giving those who use your restrooms a way to protect themselves from mess and even infection. These items simply make a public toilet area cleaner and safer to use.

How Seat Covers Can Protect

You might be wondering how these seat covers will be able to protect. First of all, they will offer a barrier between the toilet seat and the toilet user. Why is this important? Because there are actually a number of diseases that can live on a toilet seat including the infection known as MRSA, which is resistant to many antibiotics, staph and E. Coli. None of these are pleasant to get, so it is important that you offer some level of protection against them. Fortunately there are choices out there which will help you find the right covers for you.

Paper Covers

One choice you will have is paper covers. These covers are designed to limit the number of germs that will pass onto users when they utilize the bathroom facilities. Made of paper, there are disposable covers that are made to be flushed or thrown away after use. Typically the user will need to place these covers on the toilet seat themselves, but there are certainly companies out there that manufacture automatic ones, as well.

Plastic Covers

Speaking of automatic toilet seat covers, there are also plastic covers to choose from. These covers are some of the best around and will certainly make an impression on your guests, customers and clients. When you approach a toilet with these covers on them, simply engage the sensor, typically by waving or pressing a button, and a fresh sheet will be placed over the seat. When done, the sheet will be whisked away, ready for disposal.

If you are interested in learning more about stopping the spread of infection in your company bathrooms, you should definitely contact a manufacturer of these products to learn more.

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