Redisover the Post and Beam in Georgia Home

by | May 13, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Lots of methods exist to build a home, but the time-honored method of post and beam construction is one of the most efficient designs. Quite a number of new home buyers opt for this design for many reasons. In addition to looking good and its sturdiness, these homes are highly energy efficient. Timber post and beam house are also built by professional construction craftsmen.

Construction experts who a specialize in this design act as either consultants or as custom builders. The consultant approach involves meeting with the professional to determine how several pre-made design plans will work for the customer’s land. The custom builder designs a unique house plan from scratch, based on the needs and wants of the customer. This could mean the addition of built in items such as shelving, staircases, and more.

Once post and beam homes are finished, they are incredibly beautiful. Beams remain visible inside of the home, adding a rustic ambiance. The beams are smooth and don’t have unsightly, visible metal fasteners such as nails, because the beam is assembled using wooden pegs. Even if the interior seems old-fashioned, the style actually lends itself well to many modern decor tastes.

People who are concerned about the environment often opt for this design and construction due to its high energy efficiency qualities. The beams of a regular frame home are hidden in the walls, which are then filled with insulation, creating many small pockets between the walls. These breaks can let cool or hot air flow into the house. Post and beam homes do not have this issue. The inside of the walls only have one solid pocket of insulation, which restricts negative air flow.

These homes do cost more to build than modern method homes. However, they stand up better over time and require less repairs. This means their value holds steady or increases over time. The energy efficiency also saves on heating and cooling costs. Due to the unique custom built aspects, buyers are assured of a unique home, tailored to individual needs. All of this makes a post and beam construction Georgia home an attractive option.

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