Get an Attractive Wood Fence in Milwaukee

by | May 13, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Fences are used to create boundaries from neighbors or enclose a garden to keep pets or wildlife out. Decorative fencing can enhance your property’s value. Whatever your reasons for wanting a Wood Fence Milwaukee, there are many styles available to choose from.

Knowing what kind of fence you want will help determine what kind of materials will be used. For example, if you want privacy in your back yard, a solid 6 to 8 feet tall fence is a great option. The best materials to use for a solid fence would be either wood or PVC fencing. The PVC lewiston fence design gives a weaved-basket look while the Norfolk and Chesterfield designs have a more traditional wood fence appearance.

There are more designs to a fence today then when fences were built decades ago. The Dog Ear style private fencing is the most traditional. It’s flat across the top and has no decorative features. A More decorative fence may be concave or scalloped at the top with decorative posts. A shadow box fence presents a more stable appearance while a lattice is used more for decoration then for privacy.

If you want to enclose a deck, garden, or pool area then a smaller fence can be built. A fence around a pool should be at least 5 feet tall to keep little kids from gaining access without adult supervision. A small chain link or picket fence is ideal around a garden, and an iron or wood fence would be great around a deck.

The picket fence is ideal for a front yard. The Country Picket fence is a nice simple style while the Gothic and Western Picket style has a pointed look. You have the option of scalloped or a concave slopes on the top of the fence or a straight across look that the Dog Ear style creates. Split railing is a very simple fence that gives a nice accent to landscapes but it doesn’t keep animals in or out of your yard.

You can build a fence yourself, but if you want nice designs or a custom look then call on professionals to do it for you. A wood fence Milwaukee or a PVC fence could really add value to your home and beauty to your yard.

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