Repair of Common Masonry Materials

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Home Improvement

Of all the materials that are available for masonry purposes, brick is the most common. Brick is a natural material made from clay; it is available in many different sizes, shapes and surface textures. Although brick is on the high-end of exterior treatment, many homeowners opt for it because it is inherently water repellant and relatively easy to maintain; these two benefits actually make brick an economical choice in the long run. Bricks will easily last 100 years or more with only periodic maintenance.

Although clay is the material of choice for bricks used in the construction of residences, concrete block masonry is often used in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings. Although concrete blocks will not last as long, they also require masonry repair in Chicago every 25 years or so.

Water, masonry’s worst enemy:

In Northern climates where there are repetitive freeze-thaw cycles, water is the worst enemy of masonry. An important part of home or building maintenance is careful observation of the condition of bricks or block after a rainstorm. If there are noticeable dark spots on the surfaces three or four hours after the rain has stopped, there is a water problem.

Masonry repair and maintenance:

The most common masonry repair in Chicago is tuckpointing, this process involves removing mortar between the courses that has deteriorated or has been damaged. During this process, the professionals take great care to ensure that the old mortar is replaced with new mortar which has the same or similar composition and color, in this way the exterior appearance will remain uniform.

With the level of pollutants in the air it is also a good idea to periodically have the masonry washed. It is not difficult to damage masonry, it is always best to have maintenance and masonry repair in Chicago carried out by a knowledgeable contractor.

After some years of service, clay and concrete masonry repair in Chicago will be needed.

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