Screen Rooms, Hurricane Impact Windows And Hurricane Shutters

Screen Rooms, Hurricane Impact Windows And Hurricane Shutters

Protecting a home during serious storms and hurricanes is always important. By installing hurricane impact windows and hurricane shutters, homeowners can prevent glass damage and damage to the inside of the home from wind and rain. Screen enclosures, when well-designed and built, can also withstand storm conditions, helping to protect the value of the home.

While some companies can install the hurricane impact resistant windows and the shutters to add an additional layer of protection, not all of these companies also make enclosed screen rooms. Working with the experts at Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures allows homeowners to use one company for the complete project and upgrade to their home.

What to Consider

There are a variety of options in hurricane impact windows and hurricane shutters. The shutters are mounted on the exterior of the home, and either roll-down or slide across in an accordion fashion. These shutters keep debris away from the windows, preventing damage even in hurricane-force winds.

The choice of roll-down shutters or the accordion fold, or even the popular panel style, require careful craftsmanship and installation for optimal security and resistance to the debris flying through the air in high winds. Whichever style and option are selected, it should be designed to serve the purpose of both protecting and enhancing your home.

Panels are made out of transparent, hard acrylic or of corrugated steel. Shutters, regardless of their style, are made out of narrow aluminum slats. This allows them to roll or pull back when not in use, and extend to shield the glass when needed.

When adding a screen room to the home, talk to the company about the ability of the structure to stand up to high winds. While the screen room cannot be hurricane resistant, it can be designed, located and constructed to resist high winds and to stand up to many typical types of storms for years to come.

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