Stay Warm From Old Man Winter With The Proper Heating Service In Bainbridge Island

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Air Conditioning

Whether a homeowner has a furnace, heat pump or geothermal unit in their home to stay warm this winter, Heating Services Bainbridge Island can make sure they’re in optimum operation. A furnace that is work at optimum performance helps to save energy and keep a home warmer. When the blower in a furnace is dirty or operating improperly, the result is a lack of hot air entering the home. If a thermostat is not properly calculated, a home will not be the proper temperature when old man winter arrives.

Older heating systems are not usually as energy efficient as the newer ones. Older furnaces will operate at 80% efficiency which means for every dollar that is spent on energy costs, only 80 cents is going to the heat. The other 20 cents is leaving the home through the chimney or exhaust. Maintenance agreements are another great option to choose from through heating services in Bainbridge Island. When the maintenance program is purchased a trained technician will check the furnace out and let the owner know if any parts should be replaced. Replacing the parts before a homeowner is completely out of heat during the winter keeps the homeowner happy and warm.

If a furnace has seen better days in operation, a technician may suggest that the homeowner purchase a new furnace. If this should occur, the homeowner will receive an estimate and the heating company will offer a financing program to help the homeowner. There are usually rebate programs available for installation of energy efficient heating system. These are usually through the energy programs with the government or through the manufacturer themselves. Although a furnace is a large expense, the energy cost that is saved more than helps to pay for the installation of the furnace.

There’s no reason to let the heating of a home up to chance when a reputable HVAC company can inspect a heating system and give the homeowner an honest assessment of the heating system. Optimum performance of a heating system or installation of a new system will leave a homeowner warm this winter. For more information of heating services, please feel free to check out website

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