The Reasons to Get Indoor Air Quality Testing

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Air Conditioning

Many homeowners find it surprising that their air is not pure. The air inside of a confined building is more polluted than the air on the outside. That is because particles are more easily trapped there. You cannot move all of your belongings outdoors and start living there, though. You have to face facts and find solutions to fix your bad indoor air problem. One solution is to conduct indoor air quality testing. First, know a few causes of indoor air that gets really bad.

Household Chemicals

Spraying with household chemicals is not recommended or safe. You could easily inhale the particles and get sick. If there is too much pollution, you could pass out. Those symptoms are indicators that the chemicals are not safe to use at all.

Common household chemicals are air fresheners, perfumes, colognes, roach sprays and household cleaners. There are plenty of safe, natural alternatives to the products you buy in the store. You are certain to survive without using air fresheners. You can reduce your use of perfumes and colognes. Also, you can invest in green household cleaners that are not strong and toxic.


Dust is a common problem in the house. Make sure you do not let the dust settle. It takes half an hour to dust an entire living room. Once you dust, vacuum the room for the most thorough cleaning. Before you buy any form of indoor air quality testing, take these simple steps to clean the house.


Wherever you find excessive moisture, you find mold caused by microbial activities. Mold is toxic and grows anywhere, especially in places that are unseen. From the ceiling to the walls, you have to detect this problem beforehand. Mold spores can easily get into the air and spread around even more. Once ingested, the mold spores cause minor to serious health problems. Mostly, people suffer from respiratory ailments that affect the young and old alike.

Lack of Proper Ventilation

Many homes and buildings are not equipped with enough windows. Some rooms are similar to dark cells with no ventilation. Part of eliminating bad indoor air is opening up the windows. You have to let the clean air in and let the polluted air out.

A great deal of pollution happens outdoors and indoors. Indoors, the air does not circulate thoroughly in confined spaces. You and countless other homeowners are not opening your windows enough times. You are using too many air fresheners and spreading cooking smoke throughout the house. There are countless chemicals and outdoor particles that are polluting your indoor atmosphere. You want to clear the air by testing your house and getting to the root of the problem. Only then can you come up with the best solutions for your bad air.

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