The Super Angel Juicer 5500 May Very Well Be the Ultimate Juicer

The Super Angel Juicer 5500 May Very Well Be the Ultimate Juicer

If quality is what it takes for you to make a purchase, then you have found it in the super angel juicer 5500. This machine comes with absolutely everything that you need to make great tasting and safe juice. It is also built out of quality parts that will last you for a lifetime while giving you the juice that you desire for small or large groups.

The Quality that You Expect

The super angel juicer is constructed of solid stainless steel parts. That means that not only will you not have to worry about a part breaking on you, and you will have an easier time cleaning it up. With stainless steel being the look that the majority of people use in their kitchens, this piece will fit right in as one of the appliances.

This unit also uses a very slow rotation speed of 86 rounds per minute so that your fruit or vegetables are not heated up, keeping everything fresher. This allows you to keep your juice fresh longer and keeps you from having to worry about the loss of nutrients. This is probably part of the reason you are buying a juicer to begin with.

Keeping it Quiet

One of the best features of the super angel juicer 5500 is the super quiet motor. More than likely you will not even hear the motor as the juicer gets to work for you. That means that if you are hosting a group of people and making fresh juice for all of them, you will not have to worry about talking over the noise of your juicer.

Although the motor spins much slower, you will not lose out on the speed of your juicing. The way this juicer works, it does not require high speed spinning. In fact, if you are worried about pesticides or anything else on the skin or peel of your fruit, over 90% of it will be removed during the juice extraction process.

Make sure that you get your juicer from a great quality store. There is more to your purchase then the machine. You will want to know that the store is there for you after the purchase is complete. Get the customer service that you deserve by ordering your machine through a high quality outlet. Making your purchase online, you will likely be able to save yourself some extra money too.

At Harvest Essentials, we aim to give you the best price for the most popular items available today. Call us or order online, remember that all orders over $89 qualify for free shipping. Call to get information on the super angel juicer 5500 today.

super angel juicer 5500

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