What Sort Of Place Has Strip Doors And Strip Curtains In California?

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One place that will not have them is a club providing entertainment that features “exotic dancers” however, anyone familiar with enclosed warehouses and other similar large covered spaces where forklift and other small trucks operate will figure out what these terms refer to (and it is not just a Californian thing). Our English speaking cousins on the other side of the Atlantic use the word curtain where we would say drapes. I.E.: – material suspended at its top so as to hang down and form a screen which can be typically slid from side to side to cover or uncover such as a window (or a theatre stage). Then, there are bead curtains where strings of beads are hung down across a doorway to semi-obscure vision through the open door but not impede the passage of someone walking through.

The Function Of Strip Doors And Strip Curtains In California

Going back to the forklift operating within an enclosed space; what happens if the nature of those operations requires the truck to be continually exiting and re-entering the space? An example could be a large refrigerated warehouse where goods are continuously being both delivered into storage and being shipped out. If the warehouse has doors, then opening them and closing them slows down the progress of the forklift. But, if they are left open, there will be a big loss of refrigerated air out of the warehouse.

Now, think of the English curtain. What if these were made of thick, clear, soft and flexible polymer material such as PVC and were hung down in overlapping strips from the top of the door frame so as to completely cover its width while being slightly longer than the door is high? (Similar to the black shorter ones your luggage appears through on an airport baggage carousel). The approaching truck driver can see if there is traffic coming the other way – if not, he simply drives into the flexible barrier across the door. This forces the strips to be pushed out, up and over the truck and then fall down behind it to close off the door space. No large space is ever fully open.

Even under quite heavy traffic flow; with strip doors or curtains, refrigerated warehouses and the like will avoid too much loss of cold air or influx of hot air. Smaller versions can even be used in restaurant or similar walk-in cold rooms where there is frequent foot traffic.

When having refrigeration plant designed and installed by Turn Key Systems, Inc; suitable use of strip doors and strip curtains in California can achieve savings in initial cost and reduced energy cost during operations.

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