Three Essential Elements of German Kitchen Design to Know in Berkshire, UK

Three Essential Elements of German Kitchen Design to Know in Berkshire, UK

German kitchens design is known for its cutting-edge style and high-tech efficiency. If you have recently experienced the beauty of a German kitchen, your cozy British kitchen might feel outdated in comparison. Here are three essential elements that can help you bring German design to your own kitchen.

Modular Design

The key to the efficiency of a German kitchen is its unique modular design. German kitchen cabinets are often integrated into wall-mounted or free-standing workstations that can serve multiple purposes from food preparation to serving and keeping food warm.

Sleek Lines

You won’t find a lot of busy details and ornate fixtures in a German kitchen. German kitchen cabinets are kept sleek without handles or knobs. Open shelves are used to display a select few items, while countertops are kept clear and ready for preparing meals.

High-quality Appliances

German kitchens design wouldn’t be complete without high-quality appliances. Many appliances in a German kitchen are from unfamiliar brands, but don’t let that fool you. Germans prefer to purchase appliances that are built to last with simple designs and quality engineering. Although they may lack some bells and whistles, you won’t be replacing them any time soon.

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