Tin Ceiling Installation Made Easy

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Abingdon Construction offers a complete solution for your tin ceiling installation needs. Perhaps you don’t know much about tin ceilings because you just started looking into them. Before you invest in a ceiling, it’s only natural to want to know all about it. Tin ceilings have been around since the 1800s. They were an affordable way to decorate a ceiling while giving it a look that resembled the most expensive plaster solutions. Today, you can find many styles of these tin ceilings. If you want a cheaper solution, you can purchase stamped panels that aren’t finished. If you aren’t that concerned with budget, you can go with more complex designs that are painted by hand. There are also some stamped panels that are made from other materials such as copper and brass.

Know that tin ceiling installation isn’t terribly complicated. Sure, you can do it yourself, but do you really have to time to do a complete ceiling installation? First, you will need to find out how to do the installation. You’ll have to read and use online tutorials to guide you. You’ll have to take your time in order to avoid making mistakes. Doing anything the first time will usually take longer to get done. You could waste hours only to find out that you have indeed made a mistake. You will then have to call professionals to fix what your ceiling installation. Plus the time you spend installing a ceiling could be better spent doing one of your hobbies or spending time with family. Browse website for more information.

The finish options you have for your tin ceiling installation vary. You can choose to have a clear polyurethane placed over your panels. Some are happy with a paint applied by machines at the factory. Did you know these panels don’t have to be just used for ceilings? You can use them to surround your fireplace. This will make your fireplace surrounding match your ceiling. You can also use tin panels to decorate cabinet doors. When you are getting your ceiling installed, talk with the contractor to find out about other options you can utilize the panels for in and around your home.  For more information contact Abingdon Construction.

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