Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Indoor Environment

In the United States, recent statistics indicate that the average citizen spends more that 90 percent of his time inside some kind of closed structure. Having bad air quality or unclean carpeting indoors is, therefore, a cause for concern, especially as it relates to possibly having a deleterious effect on health. A Georgetown carpet cleaning company can clean your carpets on a regular maintenance schedule, but there are other things you can do to keep carpet clean during the months in between cleanings.

One of the ways that carpet contributes to a healthy indoor environment is by filtering out dust and allergens, as well as other particles, from the air. As long as a carpet is regularly cleaned, this can work as an effective way of preventing the inhalation of impurities and contaminants. These kinds of particles are trapped in carpets, and if there is too much build-up, can have a negative effect on the quality of the indoor environment. The simple answer to creating healthy indoor air quality is to keep your carpets and upholstery as clean as possible between visits from your Georgetown carpet cleaning company.

One of the first ways to begin to influence the quality of air in your home is, therefore, to vacuum daily. Dust that comes from human skin, as well as dust, mold, and allergens we track in and out of our houses every day get trapped in our carpets on a continual basis. It does not take long for build-up to occur. Vacuuming routinely at least once daily is the best way to keep the build-up of air contaminants at bay. Vacuuming will likely not get all the deeply entrenched particles, but a Georgetown carpet cleaning company can take care of what remains.

Since adults, children, and pets track in all kinds of miniscule contaminants every time the house is entered, another way to keep things at bay is to put down mats at entrances, and to encourage all family members to take off their shoes at the door. Many Americans have adopted the custom of having barefoot homes in order to prevent further carpet contamination.

Contacting a Georgetown carpet cleaning company to fully steam and sterilize your carpet on a regular basis will make it easier to keep it clean in intervening periods. Good air flow and ventilation throughout the house, as well as a no inside smoking policy, also contributes to the best possible indoor environment for your home.

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