Tips For Proper Irrigation Service in Winter Park FL

To properly maintain your lawn, it’s important to ensure that it gets enough water. Here, you will get tips on watering, and information which will help you determine the right amount of water for your grass.

How Much Water Does my Lawn Need?

Everyone knows that grass which isn’t watered sufficiently will turn brown and eventually die. In some places, there’s enough rainfall to sustain a lawn, but in Michigan, an Irrigation Service in Winter Park FL may be necessary. The water required by your lawn also depends on the type of grass you choose; some grasses are more drought-tolerant, while others need copious moisture. A good rule of thumb is that your grass needs an inch of water per week; if you don’t get that from rain, you’ll need to irrigate. Too much water is also a concern-;when grass gets too much water, it is vulnerable to fungal infection.

When do I need to Water?

If you’ve noticed your grass turning purplish-blue, it needs to be cut. If the blades don’t spring back after they’ve been stepped on, your grass is beginning to wilt and needs to be watered. It’s best to water in the coolest part of the morning, when evaporation is lowest. Afternoon irrigation isn’t very efficient, as it can waste a large amount of water.

What’s the Best Watering Method?

A sprinkler that keeps water closer to the ground is the best choice; it reduces the potential for evaporation and is more efficient than a sprinkler which shoots mist into the air. When your sprinkler system is being set up, ask your Irrigation Service in Winter Park FL to ensure that your lawn is fully covered.

To ensure that ServiceMaster Plumbing remain in tip-top shape, here are some final tips. Newly planted sod might need to be watered more often, but infrequent watering is fine for established grass. To learn how long you should leave your irrigation system on, measure the water the first time it’s used, noting how long it takes to collect an inch of water. Don’t overuse fertilizer, as it can dry the grass, and be sure to cut your yard with a sharpened mower blade to avoid burning.

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