Benefits Of Sleeping On An Icomfort Mattress In New Orleans

Benefits Of Sleeping On An Icomfort Mattress In New Orleans

The right mattress is the perfect way to spend the most restful night possible. Finding the best mattress can often be a difficult and time-consuming proposition. Thankfully Serta has released the Icomfort in New Orleans for the benefit of all sleepers. There is a reason why this mattress is the superior choice.

The buzzword in recent years surrounding mattresses has been memory foam. The best mattresses offer memory foams that make sleeping on them better. The Icomfort has gone a step beyond by adding a gel. This gel offers more support to targeted areas of the body. This gel also offers a cooler nights sleep as it does not act as a heat trap under the sleeper.

Many sleepers suffer from the torment of tossing and turning during the night. This tossing and turning is the body’s way of finding a more comfortable position. Tossing and turning during the night also causes discomfort to your spine. The discomfort felt is actually stress on parts of the spine. The gel foam used in the Icomfort decreases the pressure points on the spine and allows for a more restful sleep.

When talking about mattress the standard one that everyone knows is the box spring. The benefit of the box spring is that it requires no break-in time. This means you buy it, bring it home and the mattress is ready to go from day one. The same cannot be said about a memory foam mattress. While these memory foams are sought after they do have a required break-in period. This period is different depending on the sleeper and the mattress. One of the biggest benefits of the gel based memory foam is that it does not need a break-in period. This mattress can be brought home and used immediately for a great nights sleep from day one.

There are many benefits to switching to the new Icomfort mattress. These benefits are not only easy to understand, but even easier to enjoy. The Icomfort mattress offers the ability to get a more restful sleep from day one. This is done because it requires no break-in period. Nor does it have as many pressure points which lead to tossing and turning during the night.

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