Tips & Tricks for Room-by-Room House Cleaning

Tips & Tricks for Room-by-Room House Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how your friends or family members can keep their houses spotless while holding down a job, taking the kids to dance class, and keeping track of everything else going on? Room-by-room cleaning is one option that you have. This involves cleaning certain areas at certain frequencies to ensure the most lived-in areas are kept up with.

We’ll provide some great tips from companies that operate cleaning services in Kansas City KS and beyond!

The Kitchen and Dining Room

On a daily basis, the most important thing to keep up with is washing the dishes and cleaning up the countertops and sinks. You should also do a quick wipe of any messes on the stove or in the microwave. Some people may need to sweep every day, but others may be able to wait a few days. If you mop weekly, that’s generally fine for the average home. You should also remember to run cleaning liquid through the dishwasher about once a month to keep your dishes sparkling clean.

The Living Room

Rather than messes, the living room often needs help where clutter is concerned. Each member of the family should be responsible for removing their items from this room on a regular basis. On a weekly basis, you should do the dusting and wipe down surfaces that are often used. This is also the time to vacuum and mop. Depending on your preferences, you may want to move and clean under the furniture once or twice a year.

The Bathroom

The bathroom should be cleaned once a week. Wipe everything down to avoid buildup and clean the bathtub. You should also clean the sinks to remove any toothpaste or other gunk. An excellent bathroom cleaning tip is to add cleaning solution to the toilet and then allow it to sit as you clean other things. Remember to mop first, so you don’t dirty the floor while it is drying.

The Bedroom

The first thing to do every morning is making your bed. While this might seem like a silly thing to worry about, it can make your room feel cleaner. As far as the sheets and pillowcases, these should be laundered about once a week to get rid of allergens and dust. Simple tasks like folding and putting away clothing and putting dirty clothes in the hamper can also do a lot to make the room appear fresh and clean.

Other Cleaning Options

There are many cleaning services in Kansas City KS and the nearby areas. If you prefer for someone else to do the dirty work, that’s an option, as well!

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