Types of Lawn Care in Lake Norman, NC

by | May 23, 2014 | Landscaping

When people think of lawn care, they generally think of mowing lawns and tending shrubs. This is an important part of lawn care in Lake Norman, NC, but there are other services that professional lawn care companies can help you with.

For example, many companies offer weed control and fertilization. They can remove weeds properly and will know the correct fertilizer to use and when to use it. They can also apply Lime wherever necessary.

They will also usually offer shrub and tree care. They can inspect trees and shrubs for disease, help them become drought resistant and give them the fertilizer they require to have a more rich and vibrant color. Some companies offer a specific regimen to follow for winter, spring, summer and fall. These can include oil applications to prevent pests, fertilizing, treatment against pests, disease control and root growth stimulation. Lawn care companies can provide different kinds of fertilization, such as liquid and granular, offer Manganese services and help with fungus problems.

Pest control is a big problem for many lawns, so most companies will offer some sort of pest control. This can include overseeding, edging, mowing, design of landscapes and lawn aeration. Some lawn care companies may also be able to help treat termite problems.

Mosquito control is also offered by some lawn care professionals.  Many people don’t consider preventing mosquitoes; they tend to just ignore them and slap them in hopes they will go away. However, some companies are able to find the areas where mosquitoes populate and place specific chemicals to keep them at bay so you don’t even notice them.

One last area that lawn companies can tackle is core aeration. When the soil and thatch are compacted, your lawn cannot breathe. If the lawn can’t breathe, the roots of the grass can’t get oxygen, which will cause it to start dying. These companies can open up the soil to create growth pockets that will catch air, water and fertilizer to help your lawn look beautiful. This can include power seeding and soil top dressing.

Lawn care in Lake Norman, NC includes many things; if you feel a professional would be best because of time constraints or because you don’t have the knowledge to deal with these problems, consider Proformance Turf.

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