Uses for Tarp Canopies and Tarps Without Frames

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Home & Garden

Tarp Canopies – can be used at street fairs, outdoors or even indoors at business expos, to use as a carport, or as a shade cover in your back yard. These are polyethylene plastic tarps that come with their own support frame, so you get shelter from the sun and rain. The fabric is woven, so it’s made to be tough and resistant to tears, which is a plus when you have a tarp pulled taut over the frame. In addition to a strong, woven fabric, the tarp attaches to the frame with elastic bungee hooks or balls so there is less pull on the fabric.

Canvas Tarps  are easy for one person to remove and fold up when not in use, especially when you’re using them to cover items that you’ll use often on your boat, equipment on the farm, or your motorcycle in the garage. They offer strength, but you may be concerned about their vulnerability to moisture when using them outdoors. Not all canvas tarps are made to the same quality, but you can get easy manageability and strength without worrying that the tarp will absorb water and ruin your belongings if you get the right kind of canvas tarp. Look for canvas tarps that are made to be moisture resistant and mildew resistant. Check the grommets and make sure they are made to be rust-resistant and that the fabric where the grommets are is reinforced. Check the seams and make sure they are double stitched.

Tarps made of plastic are used on farms to protect hay bales from snow and rain, on athletic fields to keep the field dry, and on construction and industrial sites to keep dust and dirt out of equipment. Take Plastic Tarps to sit on the ground for a picnic or concert in the park. They’re easy to clean. Plastic tarps make good rain cover for a group of you sitting in the same row at a baseball game. Unlike umbrellas, you won’t block anyone else’s view, and it’s big enough to make sure stays dry. If you burn firewood, it’s good to keep your firewood covered with a tarp to keep moisture out.

There are Tarp Accessories like side panels and front zippered panels for Tarp Canopies. Ball and hook tie-downs in varied lengths as well as clamps keep canopies attached to their frames, and grommet repair kits to extend the life of the tarp.

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