What Are Your Needs for Key Cutting in Chicago, IL?

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Locksmith

Some people believe they need to replace an entire lock when they are securing a home or business. However, this is not necessary, as a new key can be cut for an existing lock that has been rekeyed. This can save you a good deal of expense if you are on a budget.

Rekeying an Old Lock

While changing a lock, for the most part, is simple to grasp, rekeying a lock and key cutting in Chicago, IL needs further explanation. Rekeying a lock involves switching the current key of a lock to a different or new key without replacing the lock. Therefore, you can still keep your lock but will use a new key.

To rekey the lock, a locksmith takes the lock apart and replaces the tumblers. The replacement tumblers, or key pins, require that a new key be cut. While the process sounds a bit complex, key cutting, when done for this purpose, takes only a short time.

For this type of key cutting to take place, the locksmith needs to have an existing matching key. If this key cannot be provided, the only way to unlock the lock will be to pick it open. If this has to be done, the customer will be assessed additional charges.

Rekeying Will Not Damage a Lock

When a lock is rekeyed, it will not damage the lock. Neither does rekeying make a lock more secure. As long as five tumblers can be used to replace five old pins, the lock will be secured. Again, when locks are rekeyed, the process is far more economical than choosing to have a lock replaced. All locks are designed so they can be rekeyed.

Whether you want to replace a key or match two or more locks to the same key, rekeying a lock secures your home without the added expense of replacing it. If you want to know more about rekeying your lock, contact a security locksmith, such as the Security Shop Inc. You can still play it safe without having to break the bank. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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