What You Should Know About Residential Awnings

Have you been thinking about getting an awning for your Long Island home? If so, you should probably take a bit of time to get to know and understand awnings. A residential awning on Long Island can really bring a lot of benefits and there are several companies that you can work with in order to have one installed. If you are going to get a residential awning on Long Island, however, make sure you know a bit about the following:

You Can Choose Fabric or Metal Awnings

You will find that many awnings are made of fabric and some are made of metal. If you are looking for a more affordable, durable and easier to care for choice, you will certainly want to choose fabric. You will find that they are not only cheaper than metal awnings, they will be available in a huge range of colors to match your existing home. Metal, on the other hand is quite expensive and only comes in a few varieties.

You Can Choose Different Mounting Styles

Another thing you will find when it comes to awnings is that there are a variety of mounting styles. For instance, you can have your awning mounted over your deck, patio or porch. This is probably the most common way to mount an awning. There are other ways as well. For instance, if you have a green house you may want to mount an awning over the windows to better control the sun. If you have an open area where you have a patio, you can even choose a free standing model where it comes with its own stand.

You Can Choose Manual or Motorized

You can finally choose the type of awning you want. For example, you can choose a manual awning. This awning is one that you will roll and unroll manually. Some of them are controlled by a crank, others will simply have a bar that you can use to bring it up and down. With a mechanical one, you will be able to roll and unroll the awning with ease. You can use a remote control, a timer or even choose one with a sensor that will roll and unroll when the wind gets too strong. All of these options are available when you choose to buy a new awning.

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