When Should You Get Pest Control in Janesville?

by | Feb 21, 2013 | Pest Control

Finding insects or wildlife inside your home can be quite frightening and for many people, it will prevent them from living comfortably in their own home. Although most insects are more of a nuisance than a risk to health, they can make your skin crawl and this is why you should get pest control in Janesville. With pest control in Janesville from a company like Bohmz Pest Control Services you can banish centipedes, wasps, earwigs, Asian beetles and many other kinds of insects from your home. The question on most people’s minds will be ‘how often should I get pest control in Janesville?’ and the answer to this question depends on your circumstances.

Monthly Treatment

The more often you get pest control in Janesville, the lower the chances of a problem reoccurring. Despite this, you should only get help when necessary to avoid overspending. Monthly treatments will be a worthwhile option for properties that see a lot of action. For example, a business property, a restaurant or a hotel will constantly be full of people and this means that the service always needs to be at its height. Monthly treatments will deter insects and wildlife from the property and this is essential when you are running a business, because you have a duty to satisfy customers. Bohmz Pest Control Services offer monthly treatments and by contacting them, you can arrange visits around your busy schedule.

Quarterly Treatment

If you need pest control in Janesville for your residential property or business, quarterly treatments may be worth considering. You can get free estimates for this service when you work with Bohmz Pest Control Services and with quarterly treatments, you need not worry about new infestations occurring at different times of year. For example, spiders and other insects tend to scuttle indoors at colder times of the year, and this is why quarterly treatments are so beneficial.

Seasonal Treatment

Most people request pest control in Janesville during spring and fall. Why, you ask? Well, during these seasons earwigs, Asian beetles and the Box Elder can be found around the home. With seasonal treatment these insects can be banished from the premises with ease. Bats and mice are two types of animal that hibernate during winter, so it may be worth getting seasonal treatment for wildlife, as well as pests. To find out more about which service would suit your needs you should schedule a free inspection from Bohmz Pest Control Services.

If you lead a busy lifestyle and lack the time to meet with a technician for pest control in Janesville you should contact Bohmz Pest Control Services to get same day service. This fully licensed and insured company accepts all kinds of card payments and the services are suitable for residential or commercial properties. To learn more about the pre-treatment options and to find out how you can deter critters from your property, visit bohmzpestservices.com.

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