Responsibilities and Duties of a Certified and Licensed Electrical Contractor

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Employing the services of an experienced electrical contractor to manage your electrical needs is a smart decision. It’s a very skilled profession that takes these tradesmen years of training to obtain certification. Many safety precautions are taken to ensure that the job being done is secure and meets all standards. Fires and accidents can occur as a result of improperly installed electrical components and poor wiring. Therefore, it’s important to have an experienced electrician working for you whether you are installing new lighting fixtures or troubleshooting electrical problems.

Common Tasks
When having electrical work performed, the contractor provides all necessary materials and components. In addition to rewiring homes and businesses, these professionals install generators, lightning and surge safety protection, and frequently work with circuit breakers, fuse boxes, indoor and outdoor lighting, fuse boxes and hot water heaters. An outdoor contractor or lineman provides service and maintenance on power lines supplied by your local electric utility company. Many electricians also work for private companies such as power plants and other industries that use heavy machinery.

Commercial Electricians
A commercial electrician is someone who frequently works with higher voltages. Because of the potential hazards involved with this type of work, in many areas commercial electrical work is highly regulated and may require special licenses. A commercial electrical worker is constantly exposed to the danger of bodily injury from electric shock. Therefore, a big part of their training is learning how to work safely around commercial circuitry. The exact work they perform can vary with each job site or workplace. Sometimes commercial electricians are outside for long periods of time.

Accuracy and Safety
A professional electrician is highly trained and experienced. This allows them to complete their tasks efficiently while solving problems as necessary. Handling electricity is something homeowners should avoid as it can be dangerous and complicated. Even the slightest error can endanger many lives along with destroying property and equipment. Many people assume they can save money by tackling electrical projects without a professional. However, an electrician has the tools and skills to complete the work quickly. In fact, electricians can save you time and money in the long run.

Wiring Installation
One of the most common tasks for electrical contractor is the installation wiring systems. This is especially true for new construction projects such as homes and offices. Electricians frequently work with other contractors during the building phase. After installation, they check to ensure that sufficient electricity is delivered and make adjustments whenever necessary.

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