Why You Need a Parking Lost Seal Coating in Providence, RI

Why You Need a Parking Lost Seal Coating in Providence, RI

Your parking lot represents your business. Anyone who visits your store of offices will have to park and walk through your parking lot before they get to you. That’s why you want to ensure that you keep your parking lot looking nice.

The problem that many companies face is that creating a parking lot is expensive. What’s more, most parking lots only last for about 10 years before they need some serious work done to make them look nice again. The good news is that a Parking Lot Seal Coating Providence RI can help extend the life of your parking lot. Here are a couple of reasons why.

Protection from the Sun

Pretty much everyone knows how the sun affects the human skin, but most people don’t realize that the UV rays from the sun affect pavement as well. You see, the pavement in your parking lot is composed of rock, glue and sand. UV rays break down this combination over time. You can tell the rate that the sun in impacting your parking lot by the color of your parking lot.

A grey parking lot is one that has been deeply impacted by the sun’s rays. This coloring has nothing to do with the pavement being worn down or dirty – the sun is breaking down it’s composition and causing it to degrade. This will lead to crumbling pavement and eventual chunks coming off of your pavement. A Parking Lot Seal Coating Providence RI can prevent this from happening.

Protection from the Cars

While the main purpose of a parking lot is to house cars, those same vehicles are working to damage your asphalt. The things that leak off a car will cause your pavement to degrade. With annual Parking Lot Seal Coating Providence RI, you can prevent these chemicals from damaging your parking lot.

The bottom line is that Pavement Maintenance is the best way to ensure that your parking lot gets a long life. In fact, with annual seal coating and perhaps crack sealant, you can expect to get about 30 years out of the life of your parking lot than the initial anticipated 10 years.


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