Your Basement Waterproofing West Chester PA Experts Discuss Water Problems and Solutions

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

If you have water or moisture problems in your basement, it’s vitally important that you get them fixed right away. Here are some common reasons why your basement might experience moisture problems and solutions from our basement waterproofing West Chester PA experts.

Condensation has a variety of causes in your basement. It can be the result of too much humidity in the air which can come from different places. If you have a shower in your basement, the condensation can come from that or it can come from an unvented dryer or a washing machine. If you have condensation, you can identify it by hanging up a mirror and leaving it there for 24 hours. When you check it at the end of the 24 hours, it will be foggy or beaded with water if you have a condensation issue in your basement. An easy way to solve the problem is to install a dehumidifier, but you should also open some windows to improve ventilation and hire a professional to seal your interior walls.

Subterranean Water
This is a problem that is identified by a film of water that settles on the basement floor. This film of water is barely noticeable, so you may have to do a test to see if you actually have this problem. Lay a large piece of plastic sheeting on the floor for a couple days. If you have this problem, the water will penetrate it and the concrete underneath will be damp. This issue is typically caused by a high water table which forces water up through the floor. In most cases, this only happens during the rainy season. You can prevent this by installing a sump pump or installing drainage tile around the foundation. Calling a basement waterproofing West Chester PA expert can help you solve the problem by coming to evaluate the cause and coming up with a viable solution.

Seepage is another common moisture problem in basements and it typically results in a section of dampness on your wall or floor. It is usually found closer to the floor level. You can determine if you have a seepage problem by taping a mirror to your basement wall. If there is moisture behind it after a of couple days, you have a seepage problem. This can be the result of poor draining or a leaky window. Solving a seepage problem requires improving your basement’s drainage or waterproofing the exterior foundation.

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