Are Heating Problems leaving you Cold?

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Reliable heating is such an expectation of modern living that we hardly give it a thought when it’s working. When it stops working, however, we become all too aware of its absence. Some heating problems can be tackled by the homeowner, but most are probably best left to a professional. In general, heating trouble is usually one of two problems: no heat or uneven heat.


No Heat at All

If you have no heat at all, it’s most likely that your pilot light is not igniting, or is failing to remain lit. The flame of your pilot light should be blue in color, and have a steady and strong glow. If the pilot light fails to ignite; if the does not remain lit; or if the flame appears yellow in color and is flickering and weak, you have a pilot light problem. The failure could be either electrical or gas supply related. Faulty pilot lights may be dangerous. To ensure safety, turn of the system and shut off the gas; then contact a professional heating contractor for heating repair Beverly Hills area.

Uneven Heat in a Home with Ductwork

Most 20th and 21st Century homes are outfitted with a central system that distributes heat using ductwork. Homeowners appreciated the space-saving, unobtrusiveness of design of central heating, which eliminates the necessity of radiators. However, central heating ductwork can become blocked by debris that naturally collects in the system over time, as well as occasional insect or even rodent infiltration. This is obstruction can be difficult for the homeowner to locate, so this problem is probably more easily tackled by a heating repair pro in Beverly Hills.

Uneven Heat in a Home with Radiators

Many older homes are equipped with radiators, and in spite of the room space they occupy, homeowners are reluctant to part with them. Why? The heat supplied by radiators is warm, cozy, and efficiently supplied. Even radiators, however, can occasionally fail to supply even heat. Touch the radiator. Is it cold at the top and warm at the bottom? “Bleeding” the radiator can quickly restore its efficiency. If you’re not up to tackling this chore yourself you’ll need heating repair in Beverly Hills. A professional heating contractor can handle it for you.

Do It Yourself vs. Calling a Professional

While many home projects can be tackled by a knowledgeable homeowner, some can be time-consuming, dirty, and even dangerous. Be sure to call in a specialist when a specialist is needed.

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