Get Help With Your Water Damage Restoration In Edmond OK

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Home Improvement

When you need water damage restoration in Edmond OK there are probably several different resources that you can use to find the best company in your area and for your needs. These resources can include family, friends, insurance companies, the internet and many more. But how do you choose between all of the different companies and the different services that they offer for water damage cleanup?

The first step in getting help with your water damage restoration in Edmond OK will probably be to call your insurance agent to see what is covered under your policy. This will usually require you to have a general assessment of the damage, usually from your own point of view, for the initial claim. This means you will need to figure out what kind of water has caused the damage, where the water is coming from, and even how much water there is in your home or business. Generally you will be able to tell your insurance agent something like “my water heater has a leak and the basement carpet is soggy” and they will be able to help you get started with the rest.

Many times your insurance company will have someone over to access the damage, either a claims worker or a restoration company that has worked well with them in the past. If your insurance agent recommends a water damage restoration in Edmond OK company then it is probably your best bet to do your restoration work through them and some insurance companies will cover fewer items if you go through a company that they do not recommend. If your insurance company does not have a preference for service provider then you can start looking into the different companies in your area in terms of services offered and prices.

Now, as soon as you know that there is water damage to your home it is a very good idea to start cleaning it up on your own. It may take time to have the insurance company and restoration company start things going and you will not want the damage to get worse during this time. Many companies which deal with water damage will have emergency services to help you get started during non-business hours such as weekends or nights and these companies will usually recommend that you start removing personal items from the area as soon as possible. By moving your items out of the rooms that are affected you can save yourself some labor cost, some replacement cost, and even some heartache from damaged goods.

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