Black mold is toxic and can be found anywhere

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Home Improvement

Black mold is a toxic substance; it spreads quickly and can be found in any home or other building. Like all molds, black mold thrives in areas which are damp and musty; places like the inside of air conditioners, damp basements, bathrooms, etc. Black mold is harmful to humans and as such black mold removal in Philadelphia must be undertaken as soon as the condition has been spotted. Although the removal of black mold can be undertaken by the homeowner it is best if the task be given to professionals as they are aware of the safety precautions that must be taken and as experts the field they are in a position to completely eliminate the black mold from the premises.

Black mold is not difficult to spot; the color varies from a very dark green through black and is most likely to be found in areas where there is or has been flooding or an area of high humidity. Once black mold has been discovered steps must be taken immediately to eliminate it. If you are going to attempt black mold removal service in Philadelphia as a DIY project then you are well advised to wear heavy rubber gloves and wear clothing that covers your entire body, do not leave any exposed skin. Furthemore the experts in mold removal will always recommend that goggles be worn as well as a respirator as mold spores, once disturbed will be airborne and get into the eyes and lungs of the person attempting the removal.

Once black mold has been found, attempt to dry the area as much as possible using dehumidifiers, fans and open doors and windows. Depending on how long the mold has been growing there may be large clumps of it, these clumps can be scrapped and removed by the gloved hands, making sure that the mold is sealed in a heavy duty black garbage bag. The patches that remain can be scrapped off with a sharp blade; a putty knife will do a good job. Once the surface mold has been eliminated, the area is to be scrubbed using a good disinfectant soap and water and the final cleanup can be done with any household cleanser that states that it is good for removing mildew.

Once the black mold has been removed, dry the area completely. It is a good idea to periodically check those areas in and around your house which are prone to mold and take steps to prevent any dampness.

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