When to Call a Professional for Pet Odor Removal

When you move into a home or apartment, it may have some lingering odors. Sometimes these smells have nothing to do with spilled wine, the carelessness of children or even being closed up for a period of time. Often the smells are the residue of pets. In this case, this can be trouble. Pet odor removal in Tomball TX can present a problem.

Addressing the Problem

The first approach is to tackle the problem on your own. Pet odor removal is possible in many instances by using both natural and manufactured substances. You can attack the odor using chemical substances or taking a page from your grandmother’s cleaning book. As a result, your approach may involve any or even all of the following:

  • Natural or Home Remedies: Pet odor removal substances of this kind include material you find in your fridge or cupboard. Among the most commonly employed substances are vinegar and baking soda. Rubbing alcohol, club soda and fresh lemon juice may also be part of the process. You can find specific methods and recipes online.
  • Commercial Products: This is generally an enzyme based product. You can find them in most pet stores and retail outlets. The effectiveness is variable. Be sure to read the reviews on the product. Talk to the pet store managers about their recommendations and talk to your vet. Be sure to understand how the product works and read the instructions carefully before employing. Some types may be more effective for dog than cat pet odor removal.
  • Supersoak: This requires the use of a wet vacuum or extractor. These can help remove pet stains and the odor with it. The good news: plenty of widely available products can eliminate the smell of dogs, cats and their waste. For more serious problems, professional companies offer heavy-duty chemicals and equipment.

Calling in a Professional Pet Odor Removal Service

While home methods can be effective, it may be necessary to call in a professional team such as ProSteem to help with pet odor removal. You may need a professional in The Woodlands, TX if:

  • The odor remains even after several cleanings.
  • The smell has been there for some time. It is always better to remove stains as soon as possible after they occur. This removes the chances of odor lingering.
  • You have pets and are moving in. Pets will urinate where other pets have frequently gone. If you are moving in, you need to prevent further marking from occurring ASAP.

Pets are wonderful. They are beneficial. Yet, no matter how perfect the pet, it may have an “accident.” If you want to remove the smell that comes with it and prevent a further marking, you need to clean the place thoroughly. While home methods can be very effective against many problems, sometimes you just need to call in a professional in pet odor removal. In The Woodlands, TX, ProSteem is one company who provides this service. They can help remove the stain, eliminate the smell and let your house and family breathe again.

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