Buy Your Caladium Bulbs Now for Spring Planting and July Blooms

Buy Your Caladium Bulbs Now for Spring Planting and July Blooms

Here at Eden Brothers, we are always excited about the advent of spring as this is one of our busiest times of the year. It is always good to hear from our customers about their spring plantings. Customers send us pictures of the plants they have used for borders or in gardens that were grown from our seeds.

Beautiful Caladiums

One of the bulbs we sell that is simple to grow indoors or outdoors is the caladium bulb. The beautiful plants that emerge from caladium bulbs grow well in shaded spots and can be used as ground cover or decorative accents in planters and hanging baskets. Most of the plants grow to 18 inches in height.

Fancy Leaf Mix – A Multitude of Different Colored Plants

Our caladium bulbs, which are planted in spring, produce a wide variety of caladiums, each with its own character, or distinct colors and variations. If you are undecided about which bulbs to choose, why not pick our popular-selling “Fancy Leaf Mix” to put your mind to rest? The bulbs in this mix produce a multitude of different colored plants.


One of the caladium bulbs we would like to recommend is “Aaron,” which are ideal bulbs to plant in a shaded area. Keep Aaron out of the full sun as its light-toned leaves can become UV damaged. Aaron, which is referred to as “Fancy Leaf” botanically, exhibits cream leaves and a green border. Bloom time is in July,

Frieda Hemple

If you are in the mood for a colorful caladium, then our horticultural experts here at Eden Brothers suggest our popular Frieda Hemple caladium. Frieda Hemple caladium bulbs produce a plant that features heart-shaped red leaves with a broad border of green – the ideal plant for Valentine’s Day or for lending color to a hanging basket inside or outside of your home.

Here at Eden Brothers, we also recommend our White Wing bulbs for our customers who are seeking a dark-green leaf plant with a contrasting accent. The White Wing fills the requirement with its white leaf edging. This plant can be featured as a solo plant or incorporated into a flower garden to enhance its tone and textures. The botanical name for the bulbs for this plant is referred to as “Lance Leaf” bulbs

Red Flash

Red flash caladium bulbs are another colorful example of the caladium bulbs we sell here at Eden Brothers. Red Flash certainly lives up to its moniker as it captures the eye in a flash. The large leaves of the plant feature vivid red hearts that are bordered in green and sprinkled with white speckling.

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