Concrete and Driveway Cleaning and Other Orlando Curb Appeal Ideas

Concrete and Driveway Cleaning and Other Orlando Curb Appeal Ideas

Curb appeal is something that can help you make your home attractive to potential buyers. Real estate agents will take photos of the exterior of your home in order to attract potential buyers and these photos will be posted online and could also be posted in newspapers. The appearance of the exterior of your home could be a big draw for potential buyers and for this reason, beyond simply ensuring minimal clutter, that the grass is cut and other landscaping is done you may want to do some additional work, too. Here are some ideas:

Driveway Cleaning

In Orlando (or anywhere else for that matter), we are fortunate to have a great climate most of the time. But the elements can still make your driveway look shabby. Add to that oil spills or other messes and it could detract from the look of your home. Don’t forget that as potential buyers look at your property they aren’t just looking at what looks good. They’re also considering potential expenses and thinking they have to have the driveway cleaned after moving in could detract from the perceived value. It’s simple to purchase equipment to clean your driveway but for extra tough stains and /or for a professional outcome that you don’t have to spend time and effort on, you may also prefer to hire professionals to clean your driveway.

Concrete Cleaning

Orlando homes with concrete bases or where concrete is part of your porch or other aspects of your home could be looking on the rough side with rust stains or other hard-to-remove stains. Professional concrete cleaning could be a huge help.

Cleaning the House and Roof

Companies in Orlando who offer driveway and concrete cleaning can also offer pressure washing for your house and include specialized pressure washing for the roof that will spruce up the look of it without causing damage or voiding your warranty.


A few landscaping touches could be the final touches to help your home look welcoming to potential buyers. A small investment in the right services could pay huge dividends when it comes to getting your asking price or even getting above asking due to multiple offers on your home.

While it can be a bit of effort and /or expense to have the above suggestions implemented they can help you sell your home faster as well as increased the perceived value of your home and CentraFlo Pressure Cleaning is an Orlando company who can offer concrete cleaning, driveway cleaning, roof and house pressure washing and more.

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