Dryer Vent Cleaning in Greenwich CT, What you Don’t Know Can Hurt You

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Home & Garden

As valuable as the homes in Greenwich CT are they are all at risk of a dangerous house fire. Each year over 15,000 homes catch fire from a source that begins in their laundry rooms. It’s only by having your dryer vent cleaning in Greenwich CT that you can be sure you don’t become one of these unlucky statistics.

Rarely do we consider the high level of heat we use each day in our clothes dryers. When combined with long drying times and the fact that all clothes shed fibers it can be a lethal combination. One has to consider that each time a piece of clothing is washed some of its threads or pilled pieces come loose in the drying process. As the dryer is a closed system with the only place the fibers have to go is to the lint trap and up the vent towards the outside. Actually when you think about it a vacuum of sorts is created by the outside air pulling fibers into the dryer vent system and putting your home at great risk.

We’ve all checked the lint trap on our dryers and at one time or another found it to be past full but overflowing with a few inches thick of lint build up. Sometimes in removing the screen with that much build up part of it is sucked back into the dryers closed system. This will happen every time we check the lint screen during the dryers operation. All that excess lint has only one way to escape. It follows the air flow into your vent system. This is why it’ s important every couple years to have a professional for dryer vent cleaning in Greenwich CT to keep your home safe from fire.


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