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The interior design pages are filled with exotic ideas. Since the time of Painter Paul Gauguin, home owners have referenced the aesthetic beauty of the South Pacific in decorative plans. Tropical style is exquisite when done right. Create a colonial island atmosphere that reflects the ambience and natural environment of Tahiti with high quality indoor decorative paints.

Paul Gauguin’s Post-Impressionist Paintings

In Noa-Noa: The Tahiti Journal of Paul Gauguin, readers are invited to join the Artist in the luxurious paradise of an island barely touched by consumer capitalism. So vested in the ideology of the exotic was Gauguin, that he ‘returned to paradise’ so to speak, and lived his later years until death in the Tahitian islands of French Polynesia.

John Miller (1994) notes that ‘in 1894 Paul Gauguin came to the conclusion that European culture in general, and French culture in particular, was spiritually and morally bankrupt. So he left. On the eighth of June [that year] he arrived in Tahiti, an island of tropical warmth, impenetrable jungles, and – most importantly for Gauguin – unspoiled, un-decadent, un-European, and extremely beautiful people.’

The influence of Tahitian life in Gauguin’s work, as seen in Three Tahitian Women, exhibits his break with the Impressionist aesthetic. Like other Post-Impressionists, he sought to address what he perceived to be limitations in the nuances of European painting. If Cezanne and Seurat worked to impose order on form and composition, and Van Gogh used color as a vehicle for self-expression and the provocation of emotional response, Gauguin’s approach to art, steeped in mystery, engaged subjective feelings, as well as the constructivist tendencies of myth.

Gauguin’s contribution to Symbolism, a movement in art and literature was nurtured in part by his approach, paved the way for Art Nouveau. Attracting a following among Parisian artists and designers; their work emphasizing the decorative aspects of color, line and form, the Symbolists established a bridge between Impressionism and the forthcoming transition to Surrealist thought.

Why Patty Madden is the Recommended Choice

Tropical home interiors are breezy spaces designed to induce the feeling of escape. There are many paint colors that can be used to inspire tropical seduction. Patty Madden paints offer the largest range of top quality, indoor wall and accent paints. For the best effect, apply paint to ceilings, furniture pieces, flooring, and verandahs.

Tropical design in a room requires high quality paint application to ensure that the space appears elegant rather than cheap. When painting a room, Patty Madden paints offer the best consistency and coloration on the market. Feel the warmth of the sun and waves wash over you. Replicate the tropical ambience of Gauguin’s Tahitian home in your own with Patty Madden Paints.

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