How To Install Basic Mist Systems

While some projects around the home may only take a relatively short amount of time, they can be moderate to hard depending on your experience. On a hot summer day where you like to be outside but are looking for a break in the heat, you have a couple of options. The two main options are overhead fans but depending on your climate you may want a way to keep insects away as well. In these particular cases where you want cooling and a bug repellent, perhaps Mist Systems are the best way to go.

The materials you will need you can find at any home improvement store, but the systems that come intact are really a good deal for the money. Especially if you have little to no experience in this area, buying a kit is the best way to go to avoid many separate trips to the store to get what you need. A kit is all inclusive and usually really simple to install, relatively speaking.

If you are going to purchase equipment separately, at the very least you will need a garden hose, shears, pipe cutter, measuring tape, screwdriver, stepladder and extension cord. Make sure that the items you purchase are UV protected so that any amount of time in the direct sun will not damage your equipment. Remember that all systems should be located at least eight feet above the ground to get an adequate mist and to work properly.

Start with the basics such as measuring the line you want the system to travel along. Lay the tubing down on the ground and add hooks to easily install against the surface you want the Mist Systems to hang from. Every eight inches you will need one of these hooks to accurately hang the system and prevent from drooping in the lines. You can join the separate tubing with simple compression fittings.

There are many more intricate steps for hanging each additional line that attaches to the main line. Again, this is a moderate to hard project for any person but if you have not had experience in this area, seek help or expect to spend more than the traditional half day that is typical for this type of job.

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