How to Maintain Your Granite Countertops Kansas City

Your home looks fabulous with the newly installed granite countertops. However, the rate at which the surfaces are deteriorating indicate that you are not taking good care of your granite surfaces. If you want the work that was recently done in your home to last long, you must carry out some general care routines and take precautions how you treat those shiny surfaces. This will save you the cost of having to remodel your home again. The following are tips on what you should do to protect and maintain your granite countertops Kansas City.

* Do not place glasses on your countertops without coasters. Spills or drips from the glasses can create a permanent stain on the granite countertops. The most notorious liquids are alcohol and citrus juices. Many foods also contain acid that could dull or etch the surfaces of the granite material. You should place a mat or trivet under hot china, ceramics or silver, as the heat is devastating to the surface. Some objects are very sharp and they can scratch the surface of the countertops.

* When spills occur on the granite countertops Kansas City, you should mop the surface with a clean dry dust mop. Abrasive materials such as dirt, sand and grit can severely damage your granite surfaces. You should be careful when you are wiping them off the surface. You could place mats or area rugs on the floor to prevent the scratching from shoes. The mats themselves should not be able to slip easily on the floor. The slightest slip can cause little scratches that could spell the beginning of the deterioration of your floor.

* If you think a vacuum cleaner is the best option, think again. The plastic or metal attachments or wheels of your worn vacuum cleaner can also scratch the surface of your granite floor.

* You can clean the granite countertops with a little neutral cleaner, stone soap, or mild liquid detergent with warm water. You should use a soft cloth for the countertops and a clean soft mop for the floor. Ensure that all the soapy water is rinsed and dried off from the surface of the countertops, as any film of soap left could cause streaks.

* Avoid cleaning your granite countertops Kansas City with products that contain vinegar, lemon or other acidic substances.

* Keep your granite countertops away from scouring creams and powders, as they contain abrasives that will scratch your gleaming surfaces and make them look dull.

* To avoid food poisoning, ensure that you use non-toxic sealants and cleaners for your kitchen countertops.

If you apply these tips properly, they will work excellently to your advantage and make your home retain that magnificent look.

You can maintain your marble and granite countertops if you have the right cleaning tips and materials. Visit Midwest Marble and Granite to get the best materials to take care of your countertops.

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