Importance of Professional Fireplace Cleaners

Once a fireplace has been installed and used a couple of times, the need for fireplace cleaning experts in Newport news VA presents itself. The need may only involve the removal of the ashes and any wood that hasn’t been burnt up, or a comprehensive clean up that could result in some components being done away with completely.

Doing away with some or several of the components of the fireplace may prove to be quite an expensive effort. This could easily have been avoided if some basic cleaning of the fireplace have been done, or a general inspection of the fireplace conducted.

It is recommended that such a general inspection be conducted every year and be performed comprehensively by a qualified professional. Among things to be done during the inspection is the determination of the flow of smoke from the fireplace, up the chimney. Any restriction to the flow of smoke should be removed as it is not sensible. Restrictions prevent satisfactory flow of smoke, making it get back to the house, which is harmful to those living in that house.

Only clean and dry fuel materials should be burned in the fireplace. This is so as to reduce the effects that wet fuel materials present. Soot and dampness are such possible effects. Soot creates a blanket over the wall giving it an unpleasant view. The fireplace cleaning experts in Newport news VA will scrap away the soot and apply a coat of paint to rehabilitate the radiance of the house.

During the cleaning, the whole fireplace unit should be taken into account. Any brass surfaces ought to be scrubbed using suitable brush and a suitable cleaning detergent. Care should be taken not to get the brass parts scratched or getting corroded by the cleaning detergent.

With a little forethought, accidents resulting from cinders igniting objects close to the fireplace can easily be avoided. This is by the use of screens to prevent the cinders from getting to furniture pieces and ensuring that the perfect size of logs is placed inside the fireplace.

Every so often, preferably twice a week, the ashes should be removed and minor fireplace cleaning procedures carried out. If possible, any removable bits of soot should be taken care of. This can be accomplished using a piece of cloth to wipe away the soot particles before they become unmanageable.

Bird’s nests that may be present within the chimney should be removed as they act as air flow restrictions while posing the risk of having sticks and leaves fall into the fire. Such falling debris is fire hazards and should be checked for regularly.

Presence of cracks along the walls of the fireplace, draft or broken equipment should be reflected on as they are signs of possible future problems. It is therefore necessary for any fault that has been identified to be repaired.

It is possible to perform fireplace cleaning regularly by oneself, but every year an expert has to be called in for inspection.



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