Key Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Your Roofers In Greenville SC

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Roofing

If you are searching for professional roofers, Greenville SC has many roofers that you can choose. However, the most critical question is how to ensure that you get the finest roofer who will fix your old roof or install a new one on your house. By asking your Roofers Greenville SC some of the critical questions, you can narrow the list down and find the right expert for your roofing project. Many people do not ask these questions, which is why they end up spending more than what is considered average market rates. Some of them end up hiring inexperienced roofers because of their cheap prices.

Can You Locate Their Premises?

Find out the physical location of the roofer by confirming their street address, phone numbers and websites. It is not recommended to hire briefcase roofers whose identity cannot be established. Such people may disappear as soon as you notice that they did poor work on your roof.

Does the roofing contractor carry sufficient insurance?

Roofing is a daunting task that comes with potential risks. This is why an insurance cover is essential. Any roofer who has a comprehensive liability insurance will ensure that you are protected and covered. In case of poor services or accidents, an insurance liability cover can cushion you accordingly. Ensure to verify the validity of the roofer’s insurance by requesting for certificates. You can also call the insurance company where the cover was taken. Hiring a roofer that is fully covered is vital for all homeowners. If you do not want shoddy work, answering this question will save you thousands of dollars.

You should also be careful about some insurance covers that cannot be useful to your project concerns. Do not accept the roofer to show you his life insurance, health insurance, or auto insurance cover since all these covers are of no value to you and cannot offer ramifications in the event that a loss occurs. Ensure that the roofer has either a comprehensive liability or workers compensation insurance cover.

Roofers Greenville SC with certificates of accreditation and insurance covers may demand relatively higher prices, but this cannot be equal to losses that you may incur on hiring uninsured roofers. Paying a one-time cost is better than to spending large amounts of money on regular repairs and compensations due to lawsuits.



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