Options In Solar Panel Installation In Fresno

Options In Solar Panel Installation In Fresno

Solar panels are the way to go if you want to reduce or even eliminate your monthly electrical power bill in Fresno. New options in lighter weight panels and installation methods make this a great way to go off the grid for a home of any size.

Roof Space and Shape

One of the most important aspects of solar panel installation is the amount of available roof space for the panels. Generally, larger areas of flat, uninterrupted space on the roof allow for larger blocks of panels. However, with the flexibility of professional installation from Northwest Exteriors, even roofs with dormers, chimneys, and vents can be a good option for adding solar energy to your home.

The slope of the roof is also a consideration. The steeper the slope of the roof the less direct sunlight falls on the surface of the panel during the day. The ideal roof slope is between twenty and thirty degrees, which is common for most homes.

The roof should also have southern exposure. Any southern direction is beneficial, but true south provides the greatest amount of full sunlight on the roof per day in any location.

Additional Space

On some homes, due to the roof shape, design, slope or the amount of sun exposure, adding supplemental solar panel installation on a garage or carport is another option to consider. This can add significantly to the collection of the sun’s energy, and the installation can be completed with the house solar panel installation.

If you have any questions about your roof, or if you are unsure about the number of panels required for your home energy requirements, have a qualified solar panel service provide an estimate. These Fresno companies can also assist with rebates and cost savings options that are well worth considering.

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