Make Your Life Easy With New Window Replacement For A Rohnert Park Home

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Home Improvement

Many homeowners in the Rohnert Park area live in older homes. These homes are still beautiful, but they do have some features that date the house. One of these features is likely to be the windows, which is why most interior and exterior home renovations typically include window replacement.

When considering the right style and options for a window replacement, go beyond simply replacing the existing window with a new model of the same old style. While you may find that style is just right, this is the time to look around and consider all of your options.

Some of the new designs in replacement windows offer additional perks and features that are worth considering. By taking the time to consider how they would look on the Rohnert Park home and considering if these windows add value to your life and your property, you may find a completely new option is the best choice.


To catch the breeze, choosing a window replacement that opens to maximize air flow through the home is always ideal. This is a cost-effective way to cool and freshen up the home, so opening and closing of the windows should be easy based on their location.

Casement windows crank out to open vertically from the middle to the side, similar to a door. Awning windows open from the bottom, ensuring even if it rains, no water can enter into the home.

Single hung windows have a sash that slides up from the bottom to about the middle of the window, while the top sash does not move. Double hung windows can open from the top down or the bottom up, allowing greater control of air movement.

At Northwest Exteriors, these types of windows, as well as other options such as traditional sliding windows, are available for your consideration. Take the time to think about the options and then choose the right style or styles for your home.

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