Restaurant Designs – a matter of life (not philosophy)

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

The great fashion designer Issey Miyake once remarked “Design is not for philosophy it’s for life.” In the accident-prone world of restaurants, this remark could be taken very literally.

People who visit restaurants generally have very little idea of what actually happens to get the food to their plate – and that’s how it should be. For those who work in the trade, however, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of good Restaurant Designs Los Angeles has the reputation of being a city where people value style, sometimes over substance, but in a working environment filled with sharp objects and hot surfaces, getting the substance right is extremely important.

Good restaurant design ensures safety and efficiency

Good restaurant design is the art and science of working out the safest and most effective way to create the dining experience that customers want. It’s about making sure that the kitchen is organized to maximize speed and safety and minimize the risk of delays and accidents. Good restaurant design takes into account the fact that people are human and that the best way to get them to follow best practice in terms of safety is to make it easy for them to do so. Getting the kitchen design right may not win plaudits from restaurant critics, but happy staff are more likely to stay (in an industry with high turnover) and to be easier to manage.

Moving front-of-house, good design helps to keep your service efficient and your diners comfortable and safe. While the kitchen staff prepares the food, it’s the servers’ job to get it to the table at the right temperature and looking as it is supposed to look. Good restaurant design helps to make that happen by minimizing obstacles and ensuring that servers have enough space to do their job effectively. By using design to take care of basic practicalities, servers are released from the need to worry about the basic steps of getting a plate from A to B and are therefore free to focus on what they (should) do best, keeping diners happy.

Good design is invisible but essential

Diners only very rarely have safety considerations in mind when they go to visit restaurants, but when accidents do happen (often due to poor design) they are usually very quick to make their opinions known. Even minor accidents can have a significant impact. The classic example of this is a server spilling red wine on someone’s clothes because someone knocks their arm. In a well-designed restaurant, there should be enough space for servers to work without such accidents. More serious incidents can have consequences which go beyond reputation management. The same server accidentally spilling hot coffee on a diner could lead to a lawsuit. While accidents do happen, the fact is that many of them can be avoided by employing good restaurant designs.

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