Restoring Your Home? Terrazzo Flooring is a Great Choice

Are you restoring or remodeling your home? If so, one of the major elements to consider is what you will use for the flooring. If you are unsure what you should use, consider the benefits offered by terrazzo. This type of flooring offers flexibility in design, great looking aesthetics, and sanitation benefits, while it is environmentally friendly and great for high stress and high traffic areas. It also has a low-maintenance requirement and minimal repair costs.


Terrazzo offers a flexibility in design that is not offered in other types of flooring systems. Terrazzo provides an unlimited number of color options as well as a plethora of different aggregated options from marble, to mother of pearl and even recycled glass. No matter if you want an artistic piece reminiscent of the classic Italian mosaics or a modern monochromatic look, terrazzo offers the ideal canvas.

Environmentally Friendly

In regard to technology, there is not any other type of surface that comes close to terrazzo. It possesses a strength of over 500 pounds for every square inch, and some of the earliest terrazzo-like floors that were created over 10,000 years ago still exist today. The simple fact that these floors are intact after centuries provides clear confirmation that terrazzo offers a sustainable option. Now with the modern technology and the introduction of epoxy, the modern terrazzo flooring options are even more durable and sustainable than the cement terrazzo floors offered in the past.


Due to the fact that terrazzo is non-porous, it will not support any type of microbial growth and will not allow any moisture to accumulate which helps to reduce the staining of the surface of the flooring. Additionally, due to the fact that it does not absorb water, it results in a surface that will only require a minimal amount of cleaning and never need any harsh chemicals to complete this process.


There is no question that terrazzo floors are extremely durable. This is clearly illustrated due to the buildings that are still standing throughout Europe as well as the Middle East. The fact is that, once installed, terrazzo floors will likely outlast the building that it has been placed in.

The fact is that terrazzo flooring offers a number of benefits which can minimize future expenses that must be put into the flooring of your home or business.

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