Terracotta Planters Add Charm or a Modern Style to Your Residence

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Home & Garden

If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to make your yard look more appealing, planters can be a huge help. Terracotta planters are especially in-demand these days for a variety of reasons. This article provides detailed information about these unique planters and explains how they can effortlessly add style to your outdoor living space.

What Are Terracotta Planters?
Terracotta planters are clay-based earthenware pots that can be unglazed or glazed. Because clay is naturally porous, the advantage of these pots versus plastic containers is it less likely you will overwater your plants when you store them in terracotta planters. Additionally, the clay protects your plant roots, allowing them to breathe and remain healthy in the summer while keeping your pot from cracking when the winter frost strikes. You can even get frost proof terracotta planters specifically. Another huge advantage of these types of planters is they can withstand temperatures that are extreme.

French Terracotta Options
A French terracotta planter is an iconic symbol of a French garden. These types of planters were originally developed during the 1500s and feature medallions and garlands that are hand-carved on the side. You can get a French planter in many sizes and colors. Regarding color, you can expect to purchase a pot in your favorite hue and choose whether you want the pot to feature a high-gloss finish that has been glazed or an antique-type of finish, which can instantly give your piece unique charm.

Greek Options
Terracotta pottery, handmade in Greece, is also an attractive option for your garden. Ancient techniques are used to produce terracotta planters for instance, using wheels that can be turned with your hand and foot to shape your pots. Greek terracotta has a unique color as a result of being fired in kilns that burn olive pits. When you pick up a Greek piece, you may become immediately impressed with the quality of the material as well as with the handles shaped like hands and patterns that are hand-carved. A high-quality planter can be expected to last years and draw positive attention to your yard.

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