To Do a Kitchen Refacing or Not, That Is the Question

by | May 14, 2015 | Kitchen Improvements

Most home-owners know that the money is in the kitchen. A new kitchen renovation will bring back a pretty penny in returns. The question is, should the kitchen cabinets be replaced or simply refaced? There are arguments on both sides. Please allow the below considerations to sink in after looking at this debate: reface or replace?

The Budget

The cost for Kitchen Refacing over a full replacing has a lot to do with the budget. Obviously, cabinet replacing is a bit more expensive. How much more expensive? Typically, refacing is just under half the price of the full cabinet replacing. Though this can obviously change depending on many different attributes, the home-owner should commonly expect to cut the costs in half right out the gate.

When They Were Built

Another consideration for when to reface is the time the cabinets were initially put it. Cabinets from the 70s and 80s are actually extremely well-built. There are many reasons for this which will not be detailed here, but the central theme is this- modern cabinets are not too durable. Cheap manufacturing from overseas manufacturing doesn’t have the staying power that they did in the 70s and 80s. The cabinets are structurally sound. It is typically the surface that is getting a little beat up or dated. It may be much smarter to reface if the cabinets date back to this era, where cabinets were known to be incredibly well-built.

How Long Does It Take

If someone is still strongly considering a kitchen cabinet replacement, they should look at one last important factor. Cabinet replacements are a costly endeavour, and they also take a long time. The TV home renovation shows make the job look easy. After 20 minutes, the kitchen is brand-new. This is obviously an exaggeration, but full cabinet replacements can easily take upwards of a week. During this time, the kitchen is completely inaccessible and gutted. On the other hand, refacing traditionally takes two days.

Starting from scratch might be a lot of fun, and might provide a whole new adventure or aesthetic within the kitchen. After weighing all the above considerations, it is not nearly as practical. Unless the cabinets are structurally distraught, a Kitchen Refacing is a much more affordable, faster, and sensible path.

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