What is upholstery?

There is a very good chance you come into contact with upholstery every day of your life; it is the material that is used to cover seats, chairs, footstools, auto interiors and many other products. The only piece of furniture in the home that is not a subject for upholstery is the mattress. Upholstery includes many different materials including various fabrics, leather; vinyl and mohair upholstery.

Having the upholstery material is one thing, fitting it to the furniture or car seat is something else again. The work, which can be quite complicated is done by an experienced upholster. Many upholsters work with furniture which has worn out or become tired and dated, others will work with a furniture manufacturer. Many people reach a point where they think their sofa and chairs are good for little else but junk, this is not the case, mohair upholstery can easily make it better than new. A good upholster can even change the shape and design of the furniture by manipulating the size and shape of the wooden carcass that frames and supports the upholstery.

When you sit with an upholsterer, either in your home or his shop, you will be presented with books of sample material from which you can select. There is no need to consider what you currently have; you are free to pick any fabric you wish. At this time, the upholsterer will suggest the right grade of foam to use. Often different designs are suggestive of different density foams however, most are chosen for comfort.

The major advantages to redoing your furniture are cost and choice. If you buy new furniture you are buying the complete product, including everything that goes in it and is not visible. When the structure of the furniture is still sound, there is no reason to buy it when you can simply reupholster it. Furniture manufacturers make their own choice of fabrics that they offer and they are usually very limited, this is not the case when you can select from the thousands of fabrics that are available.

High quality fabrics such as mohair upholstery is rarely available from a furniture maker, to get this and other quality coverings such as leather you are better off having your furniture recovered.

If you wish to redo your sofa, chairs, etc and you want to use mohair upholstery fabric then you are invited to visit Wolf Gordon. Wolf Gordon has a wide range of innovative fabrics in various colors and textures.

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