Your Options for Residential Air Conditioning Systems in Kitsap County

by | May 2, 2018 | Air Conditioning

As summer weather approaches, you may kick your system on and find out that it isn’t working properly or that it’s not working at all. Whether you need a replacement unit or an entirely new system, your air conditioning company is standing by.

Deciding on a system can be somewhat tricky but your HVAC company will typically lay out your options, of which there are several.

Different Kinds of Systems

When you look for a system for your home, residential air conditioning systems in Kitsap County will typically include several options when it comes to style, functionality, and even brand, though some kinds of units may be more appropriate for different homes.

For example, homes with significantly limited interior space may opt for a package unit, which places both heating and cooling functions into a single outdoor unit, ultimately saving space and providing excellent temperature without sacrificing much efficiency.

Otherwise, you can opt for traditional indoor/outdoor units, geothermal units, or even solar energy-powered residential air conditioning systems. Your air conditioning technicians will be able to help you pick out a system and whichever you choose, it’s important that you get a quality install. The technicians at Quality Heating & Air Conditioning can install your system with precision and accuracy to ensure the highest performance.

Energy Efficiency

How your residential air conditioning systems use energy will vary depending on the system and your technicians should be able to explain them all to you; however, keep in mind that a lot of things affect efficiency.

Everything from the installation to the air filters will influence the efficiency of your home’s system so it’s important that your installers have extensive knowledge in this area and that regular maintenance is performed to maintain peak performance.

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