Have You Ever Dreamed of Owning a Pool Business Franchise?

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Home & Garden

There is something ideally relaxing about cleaning a pool. It’s a satisfying way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. Now you can turn that task into an ongoing job opportunity by buying a pool business franchise through America’s Swimming Pool Company, or ASP. ASP offers franchise opportunities, primarily through the southern U.S.

Besides the work itself, owning a pool business franchise gives operators the chance to work independently at a job that can bring a continual income stream to their family and themselves. So if you have always dreamed of going into business for yourself or being your own boss, you will want to look at the opportunities featured by ASP.

Do You Fit the Role?

Entrepreneurs who join a pool business franchise must be self-starters, enjoy working outdoors, like the challenge of owning their own business, and wish to join a company that offers training in the pool cleaning field as well as ongoing education and support. If you match the foregoing description, then you will want to look further into owning a franchise through ASP.

The Fringe Benefits

If you own a pool business franchise in a warmer climate, you stand to earn a great deal of money. Maintaining a pool service franchise is also recession proof and provides a regular and predictable cash flow from the customers you service. Plus, unlike other franchises, you don’t have to work weekends or nights, thereby giving you extra time to spend with family and friends – perhaps by your own pool at home.

Franchisee Training

ASP offers 12 weeks of training to franchisees at their corporate office in Macon, Georgia. The training provides franchisees with all the information they need to successfully clean and service pools and run their operations seamlessly. A pool servicing business features a low overhead and the potential to make a great deal of money. So choosing an ASP pool business franchise can reap you a healthy income as well as an employment opportunity where you can work on your own.

Choosing a Territory

When reviewing the franchise opportunity offered by ASP, think about where you would like to set up a territory. Naturally, a climate that is warm for most of the year will produce the most profits for your pool cleaning business. So, if you reside in a northern climate now, chances are you will have to relocate to a sunnier and warmer location. The climate, overall expenses and the size of the territory will all factor into where you eventually set up your business. While you could set up your pool route on your own, it’s better to go with a franchise opportunity. If you don’t have experience in pool servicing, paying the franchise fee is a good investment – one that you can recoup over time.

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