Removing Pet Stains: Professionally Or On Your Own?

by | May 29, 2014 | Cleaning

Having a dog and/or a cat comes with its pleasures and problems. Whether the animal is small or large; young or old, a male or a female, accidents can and do happen. Even the best behaved pet may have messed up the carpet. This is a natural fact of life, but it is not something you have to live with. If the smell is getting you down, you can address the issue in a number of ways. For pet odor removal in Tomball TX, it is natural to opt for one of two approaches: take care of it on your own or hire a professional.

The Home Solution

When it comes to stains and their accompanying odors, it is common for the owner of the pet to try to take care of it without calling in a pro. There are several methods an individual can apply. Among them are:

* Natural pet odor removal substances: These include the all-purpose baking soda and vinegar. Other items that can work effectively in specific circumstances are: rubbing alcohol, fresh lemon juice and club soda. These are often combined with water. They also require the use of cloths, paper towels and even weights to press down the material and substances placed on the stains. Certain techniques are recommended to ensure the selected method is effective.

* Commercially available products: Most pet supply stores carry pet odor and pet stain removal products. They may consist of enzymes to devour the proteins that comprise cat and dog waste products. Read the labels, but before you even purchase a specific product, check the reviews online to verify whether it actually works and whether it is more effective for dog or cat urine.

* Wet vacuum or extractor: A wet vac or extractor is also capable of removing stains and smells successfully. You can use it in conjunction with a recommended pet odor removal cleaner

These are the basic options. If you go online, you can find specific directions on how to use natural products. If, however, none of these are effective, or you need to be absolutely sure all the stains and odors are gone – particularly if you are hosting a special event or are trying to sell your home, you may need to hire a professional

Call in the Pet Odor Removal Pros

If the problem requires an immediate solution or the other methods have failed to work, you are better off if you call in a professional. They offer a variety of services. Some may prove to be more natural than others, yet all reputable companies can effectively take care of the mess your pets have made. Pet odor removal in Tomball TX, for example, is often handled by ProSteem. As professionals they can neutralize the smell and bring life back to your carpets. Click here to continue reading.

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