RJC Enterprises Offers Custom Commercial Carpet Cleaning

RJC Enterprises is a professional carpet cleaning company that services areas in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. We understand the importance of keeping your business office carpets clean and sanitized, which is why we offer a certified professional commercial carpet cleaning staff. These professionals are a separate unit of our company and focus only on commercial property cleaning. We aren’t your standard carpet cleaners, since we focus 100% on commercial cleaning.

Choose From A Variety Of Options

When you choose to work with RJC Enterprises, you have a variety of cleaning options available. Unlike other industrial carpet cleaners offering services in the Maryland area, we don’t rely on one or two methods to clean your carpets. You can choose from hot water extraction, dry encapsulation, the bonnet method, and more. We also offer static cling treatments to prevent static buildup in dry areas.

If you have areas with large, set stains, we can help restore your carpet and remove the stains. How your flooring looks impacts your business, so it’s important that you arrange to have large, dark stains cleaned as soon as possible. No matter which method you choose, all of our methods require only a few hours of drying time.

We Clean Other Carpeted Areas

RJC Enterprises are professional carpet cleaners who also focus on other carpeted areas of your business. Do you have carpeted walls or cubicles that need to be refreshed? We have the equipment and cleaners that will effectively clean and sanitize other carpeted areas within your business. While carpeted walls and cubicles don’t often have the same amount of staining as flooring, dust and debris builds up and can affect your office’s air quality. With our professional cleaning services, you can have your whole office looking and smelling fresh and clean.


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