Signs you Need Tree maintenance in Arlington

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Home & Garden

Healthy trees provide shelter, homes for wildlife and add value to a yard. A tree that is not healthy can become a hazard to property and people who share the same space. If disease or infestation are the issue, it can even become a problem to the other trees in the area. To decide whether or not they need Tree maintenance Arlington residents can use these simple warning signs as a guide.


A tree which was once straight, but has now begun to lean at the base is a concern. This could mean there is actually a problem with the soil drainage itself rather than the tree. Saving the tree by addressing the soil issues surrounding it is possible. An expert arborist or landscape contractor should be called to perform this task before the tree uproots.

Branches or Limbs

Dead or weak branches are a danger for anyone or anything beneath them. Dead branches will need to be pruned away, but damaged branches can often be saved. An arborist can detect whether or not a branch is salvageable and help to brace the limb or branch until it is strengthened. Visit website domain for more details.

Decay and Peeling Bark

Peeling bark, hollow areas and visible decay are definitive signs of a tree in trouble. Mushrooms or other fungi growing on the tree are also a sign of decay, which often occurs from the inside out. These problems can be caused by insects, disease and even age. If the affected area is compact, it may still be possible to save the tree. In the case of decay, it is unlikely that anything except removal should be considered.


Debris around the trunk of a tree which resembles a fine sawdust is a sign of pest infestation. These are boring insects which like to bore holes through the trees creating tunnels which can weaken the entire structure of the tree is left untended.

Whatever your concerns about your trees are, a licensed arborist is who you need to call. Their services will help to ensure your yard is safe for everyone and preserve all trees whenever possible. Business name provides specialized, professional Tree maintenance Arlington. Contact them to get quick answers to all of your questions.

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