Figuring out the price of plumbers

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Home & Garden

Trying to calculate how much plumbers will cost can be a difficult exercise, not because of the rates or anything like that, but because there are so many variables. It is hard to tell in advance how long or how difficult some of these repairs will take, especially if they are behind a wall, in the ceiling or buried in the floor. At times, it is even difficult for the plumber to provide an accurate estimate until he has had an opportunity to look at the problem.

Although the price is what the price is, there are ways of being proactive and at least getting the best price possible for the job fully understanding that for the Suffolk plumbers to remain in business, they, like every business must make a profit.

Here are a few tips that can help you get a good plumber at a fair price and bear in mind that a fair price is usually neither the highest nor the lowest.

  1. Get recommendations rather than rely on advertising. Ask around the neighborhood, at work and call your family members. If anyone you know has had a good experience with their plumber they will gladly pass along the details.

  2. If you must use the phone book, don’t just focus on the biggest ads; look carefully at the small ads as well. Big ads cost big money; many of the best companies lower their costs by minimizing on advertising and promotion. Obviously you do not want to discount the big guys, get quotes from both ends.

  3. It may not be possible to give an accurate price over the phone but ask anyway. If the problem is one which is seen every day of the week, the quote will be accurate, the plumber may have to see the problem if it sounds abnormal. Asking for a quote may not get you one but it is also a good indicator of the customer service you can expect. If they refuse to give you a price or even a ball-park figure and insist on visiting your home they are probably more focused on getting the business rather than the customer. When you are looking for a Suffolk plumbers, you are also looking for a long term relationship.

After all your work you will no doubt have found a plumber that you can call on when needed, day and night.

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