The way to select the best promotional coffee mugs

by | Nov 16, 2013 | Home & Garden

Companies use a variety of methods to keep their name in front of customers and potential customers, these items can be pens, desk calendars, promotional coffee mugs, etc. Coffee mugs are seen by many to be the ideal promotional gift because so many office employees drink coffee and tea during the day, the mug not only a way of creating effective advertising it increases the support that may be given to the company that was thoughtful enough to invest in a useful promotion piece rather than a gimmick with no real value. When choosing a promotional coffee mug for the company the company logo must be taken into account for suitability as well as the unit price. The cost of the mug will depend on the size and material.

There are a number of material choices but the overwhelming favorites are ceramic and insulated metal. The traditional coffee mug is ceramic; they are quite inexpensive and very attractive when imprinted with the company logo. The mugs are often supplied in plain colors or white. Ceramic is a great choice for a promotional mug as the company logo will be applied permanently, the same as the décor on any piece of ceramic dinnerware.

Insulated coffee mugs are a relatively recent addition to promotion pieces. These mugs are made from aluminum exterior and a plastic liner. Between the two materials there is a layer of insulation, this allows the user to travel with his or her hot beverage. Once a logo has been applied to these promotional coffee mugs many companies find the cost prohibitive. Although the top of the line insulated mug is expensive, there are models for example that do not have handles or tops that avoid spills.

Although coffee mugs of glass are not usually given, they can be very elegant. As a promotional gift to executives in the company, a glass mug with the company logo etched into the side is considered ideal. These glass mugs are quite expensive and somewhat fragile which means that greater care will have to be taken.

From the various materials that are available, the overwhelming favorite continues to be ceramic; it proves to be durable, easy to clean and presents the company logo well.



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